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Re: Hey You Guys! (New Trailer)

Nice trailer! I liked the shot of the villagers running away...it'd be nice to have some random villagers wandering around lirs and the castle ;) Give it to the asians to make a good video that looks nothing like the game. I love it! To be fair, the previous trailer was extremely unrealistic as well...

Re: Question on accounts

I'm not sure you will be able to get an official answer on this. In my opinion, it is a grey area..but borders more on then "wrong" side. First off, it is technically sharing an account. So it is wrong, and can cause the account to be banned. However, I think it mostly depends on what you ...

Re: Hi

Tadaaah wrote:Usually, we just add a 1 to the end of it.

Boring :lol: , how about: "{name} The Original"

Re: What will happen to beta rogue offhand shop?

Rogue4Life wrote:how about we can combine normal pets? A chicken and a spider have a baby called chickder stats are 360 Dex, 600 attack and a life steal skill... problem solved no need for a drag

I'm sitting here imagining a large chicken with 8 long spider legs chasing around after me as I run around the game...

Re: In game ticket

When opening an in game ticket..is there a word limit? Also..there is not option that I have seen to upload a screen grab. Thanks I’m not sure about the word limit, and no, there isn’t a way to upload an image through the support tool. If you have an image that needs to be shared with Support, emai...

Re: More than a game

Yeah I'd agree with the majority here. The game is just a game...but the relationships with the other players are separate from that. The game is just a platform for you to interact with the other people, and it's a big thing that everyone has in common. Now granted, some people want to play the gam...

Re: Developer Diary: Unity 2018

Still waiting on taadah to answer the original question. It's a little disturbing in this day and age when a question such as that goes unanswered. Now I'm afraid to type in public chats because some pc psycho may misconstrue my words Gotta love the internet, right? Of course, it isn't just the int...

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