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Re: Systems for dom clans

Kinda unfair though that they’re unable to invest as much as others who don’t have a busy life ,_, Unless if they should drop out of school or quit their professional job, go work at a low stress job at McDonalds, lose their house, lose their wife/girlfriend, move into a lonely apartment, all so th...

Re: Systems for dom clans

Oooooof, voting never ends well ._. Talk about favoritism. Voting can work, but it is very hard to make everyone completely okay with it. It does easily lead to favoritism - Rob even says it himself that players have to play nice to get gear, meaning that it's not completely about who needs/deserve...

Re: Systems for dom clans

In Toxic on Sulis, we opted to try and avoid doing a DKP system as there’s a lot of admin work involved in such systems. All systems are flawed, and no matter what you do people end up complaining regardless. We ended up with a truly democratic voting based system, where all active raiders vote on ...

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