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Re: Clans.

In about a week or 2 another clan will form. We usually have 3. Wg. Elite. And whatever clan is around that don't want to be in either. Myrm is dying. 2-3 weeks there will be a replacement.

Re: Elite kills Mordris

Wasn't talking about the same kill Subzero. And I don't appreciate your language. Hopefully a mod will come in here and remind you that children play this game and you need to not use profanity. Especially in my threads. Thank you.

Elite kills Mordris

Elite kills Mordris. Killed her prior to rage with Priestess spawning twice during the kill.

Great job Elite.

Special thank you to Hzrdous and Doynok for helping kill Priestess when we would freeze her.

Again...Awesome Job Elite.


Re: Wolfgang kills mordris

I'm sorry...we raised the bar by saying you need to kill the toughest boss in the game to be an End Game boss. If your clan doesn't need to kill the toughest boss in the game to be an end game boss...then what is your definition of End Game clan? I always thought in games like this to be an End Game...

Re: Wolfgang kills mordris

Congrats to Wolfgang on finally killing Mordris after a year.

Congrats to Saus for claiming to be a tank with 2k ancient idols. I only have 6k. You are a better tank.

We are happy for you. Now, kill Necro...then Elite will even call you am End Game Clan.


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