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Old 2011 Player here. Can we get 1 Classical Server?

Imagine reliving or experiencing the good old days of Celtic Heroes. I miss the olden days of Celtic Heroes and would really love if there was 1 classical server that is staggered to mimic the evolution of Celtic Heroes. For example: When the server starts, the end game location will be Stonevale. A...

Does Ricktor still play?

First of all hi, it's been a while. For those who don't know I was an old player from 2011 called Stefball. I'm not coming back but I would like to know if anyone has seen Ricktor lately on Lugh or another world. Also I wanna talk to some of my old friends (I see a lot of you play clash). Someone pl...

Re: Extended iOS Server Maintenance

Dam i dont have ios 5.1 and i cant update to latest as iphone 4 cant support it, what do? You should be able to upgrade your iPhone to 5.1, even 8.1. I have an iPad oldest version, and it said I was unable to upgrade it but I did and it works. I upgraded it to iOS 7. Other iPad I upgraded to versio...

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