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Re: Regarding Druid Leveling

Nature touch interrupted Nature touch interrupted Nature touch interrupted Shield of bark interrupted “Fine ill just stick with dps” Strangling vines interrupted Summarizes the solo experience as a druid. Even at end game, if you want to solo low level bosses or try and do bounties alone. Its just ...

Re: Getting Started

Thefreeze wrote:
Apples-Bele wrote:Don’t make Druid ur first toon and you’ll be fine

I turned out fine

Druid is alright solo, I did 139-172 but it gets really boring later on.

I’ve found a hero energy lix and some Restos can solve my energy problems

Energy is the worst for druids D: the skills cost sooooooo much energy

Re: New admins!

Skerwald wrote:Just send him that helm, otherwise I'll be waking up to a spam about it in the clanchat forcing everyone to spam the admins :roll:

This ^ also I get spam to collect chickens for him.

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