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Re: Dexterity in druids

As a druid you only want to be putting points into dex when you need to boost your defence ideally though you should be getting all the defence you need from your choice in gear. Defence = less skill interruptions Less skill interruptions = higher dps and a greater ability to heal your self by redu...

Re: New item drop locations

That definitely isnt including any abilities, it would be scaling based off of your focus, a massive amount of focus is good but focus that scales above average but below insane with the help of abilities will buff the skill higher than just a block of focus The lure ring scales with abilities but ...

Re: New item drop locations

We checked on my server. A mage tried to use the mini lure ring Vs a dg druid with more focus. The dg druid had a stronger lure because he had more focus. It could be that focus has more of an effect then ice magic does, which is how most skills work. There are some give skills that base off of abi...

Re: New Player Here

bob the mage wrote:
bob the mage wrote:
Icem/Death Spell wrote:
Who said it was healing druids how bout dps druids :D

Like I said, what good are druids without a tank to heal :P :POP: :twisted: :lol:

I’m jk, krumz and dem dun kill me :shock:

Smh, im omw right now -.-

Re: Regarding Druid Leveling

Nature touch interrupted Nature touch interrupted Nature touch interrupted Shield of bark interrupted “Fine ill just stick with dps” Strangling vines interrupted Summarizes the solo experience as a druid. Even at end game, if you want to solo low level bosses or try and do bounties alone. Its just ...

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