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Ancient Res Idols

How many of you still have ancient resurrection idols? And how many? Are you using or saving them?
I currently have 260 I think. Am savingish, I try and save them but when I need gold I end up selling them lol (had about 5k of em saved up originally)

Re: Pre-Release Discussion

Alishia wrote:Was the global castle mentioned or tested in beta?

Even if it was tested, beta is way to small to account for the amount of people that would be there at one time in live game. Dont think global arena was that smooth when it was released live but it got better eventually

Re: Ranger skills balance

Ventius wrote:Currently the only thing that longshot really has in its favour is the slightly higher hit rate than autoing alone thanks to the secret change from movement evasion into physical evasion.

Wtf when did it change to physical? I never notice till i saw this post

Re: Direct dmg to sharpshot

Disagree on the flux, would actually be extremely overpowered if the minimum flux value was significantly higher for only one class based on ability, especially when mages generally have the highest damage per hit values. That being said there is no reason why skills have no way whatsoever to contr...

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