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Re: Best April Fools Joke

Hogana wrote:i played russian roulette and said that there were no bullets and then said april fools as they shot themselves. :geek:

april fools! i would never do that to someone!

or would i? :twisted:

:lol: omg i laughed at this

Re: From Taranis to Epona?

Hey wait a minute. I just read a post on gen discussion about someone from taranis who scammed items and that 80% thing was one of em Just sayin be careful EDIT: also he is a peasant so he may have just created acc to announce EDIT AGAIN: he also has only made 5 posts so there is a high chance that ...

Re: xfering here to rosmerta

Well crim makes some good points, but so does devils. Crim makes a good point while saying that he is a bit suspicious on a lvl 1 acc named smexy xfers. But i agree with devils where if u xfer somewhere and u dont like it, u are stuck with a lvl 1 acc. He did say he wouldnt xfer with a lvl 1 acc if ...

Re: I'm back

Well i see brian hasnt changed. I havnt made my acc yet, i got caught up with family emergencies etc... i may or may not start yet, depends on how i am feeling.

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