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Re: Calm

My calm is 10 with a 9 hot swap ring. I don’t calm anyone but me as I get too much aggo, save the person I’m helping, then die.

Re: Why does OTM support clan bank stealing?? || OTM Please Answer

Any clan that has a clan bank with multiple users faces this same issue. It is a game design flaw to allow one person control of something that the clan owns. We are not talking about a single persons account, we are talking about an account that was created just for banking items for a clan. As you...

Re: Why are we so under powered?

Druids are meant to heal, sure they can do dps, but the bigger picture is to keep a group alive. Imagine if all warriors wanted to be dps? Warriors are designed to be tanks, druids are meant to keep them alive, all the others are meant to kill stuff.

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