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selling some stuff

SELLING the following stuff: heroic rejuvenation ammy - 170k - 30k off store price - no lvl req golden energy crown - 100k - 50k off store price - lvl req 50 shatter skill tome - 10k - class req: warrior grand bear helm - 4k - +200 crush resistance - lvl req 100 OR TRADING: hero boots + hero gloves ...

Is my gear/build good for hybrid?

Im lvl 133 and my gear is following: Life blade Hero gloves n boots Frozen legs, bp, helm Adamant hammer Talisman of earth Hp n energy regen lvl req 100 braces Mystic stormfist ring Grand n royal rings of rupture, Royal ring of double attack Lesser charm of giant swing My build is the following: Str...


Grand bear helm 5k, 100 lvl req
Onyx cane 10k 60 lvl req
Fabled ring of strangling vines 10k 60 lvl req
Fabled ring of vigour 2k 60 lvl req
Riposte training Manual 10k
Greater sunfire charm of pummel 15k 115lvl req
Lessser sunfire charm of giant swing 8k 65 lvl req

Re: Comparing

3k each super lix
6k each super Combos
200g each idols n restos
15k each ancient chests

Re: What skills?

Well,i use:
Maxed rupture,
Maxed double attack,
Nearby maxed shatter,
Nearby maxed pro stance
Rest in bandage

Working real great

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