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Re: Server Downtime.

Honestly this may not be my place to speak but i played ch for thousands of thousands of hours between 2012-2015/early16 and quit due to boredom. I am now considering returning and what': the 2nd thing i see when i login? the servers are down. Oh ok just a few hours is fine. No? Over a day? Not okay...

Who knew

So this is my old forum acc (thedarkwar) i finnaly remembered my PW. And I looked at when i joined the forums and, November 2012?! And i didnt make a forum acc for 1-2 months after I started playing. So turns out im older then thought and i missed the friken Christmas event but didnt get a stave :(

Buying Mage Rings

Hi all. Im Terran77 new mage here in lugh.
I'm looking to buy a few items that ill list below. You can mail or msg me if you have any!

Firebolt - FireStorm - FireAttune rings
+3 - (50k)
+4 - (100k)
+5 - (150k)
Any aggragoth mage bracelets. (300k ish)

Thank you!

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