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Re: Bug?

(Fire Imps) 6* Charfire: 1 drop 6* Felfire: 3 drops (Ice Imps) 6* Crystalmist: 1 drop 6* Chillmist: 3 drops (Magic Imps) 6* Shimmerspell: 1 drop 6* Starspell: 3 drops (Unicorns) 6* crumbehorn: 1 drop 6* Spirehoof: 3 drops (Druids) 6* Brutus: 1 drop 6* Falgren: 3 drops There’s only one variant of 6*...

Re: Response to griefing

I agree with most of what Chaotic said. I would consider it griefing and its different then just a lock fight. The difference is the intent of the group that can't kill the raid. If you only have 8 toons you obviously can't kill whatever the raid is...lets say Gele all you are trying to do is stop t...

Re: Gele axe

Ur wrong. Surprised criminal hasn’t prevented you from further embarrassing yourself Please explain how anything I said was wrong. I'm happy to listen and learn if that's the case that's what this is for. All you've done on this thread is insult people and say "you're wrong" with no backi...

Re: Gele axe

Physical resists can be up to 94% resisted on raids, im struggling to see how even a 45 Physical bonus is going to overcome the 170 Divine damage bonus - that can potentially be more than over 3000 pre-resist Physical damage. I'm saying your divine damage calculation is flawed because it doesn't ta...

Re: Gele axe

@Robert those calculations are great but doesn't factor in skills at all which axe has the advantage in every skill. That will only grow as you upgrade your fates/axe not to mention the skill points from havocs are quite useful. Physical resists can be up to 94% resisted on raids, im struggling to ...

Re: Gele axe

Ventius wrote:
Elfylolz wrote:Also didn't factor in gele axe skill
why would he? Its a dps loss in almost every situation

Few places I like to use it BT with cloak up or gele xtals with mlure it works really well on but, I agree dps loss most of the time.

Re: Gele axe

Hell if you got apostates use whatever build you want lol. Yea sure a EDL sword is going to compete with a void axe with BT rings and some apostate/troll braces. You have that kinda gear go edl sword. But I highly doubt any of that is readily accessible and basing a build of that seems a little far...

Re: Gele axe

Ignore these two, they are both wrong. With the release of apostates/troll heat dmg brace and BT sword rings EDL sword competes with void axe. Therefore, it’s fair to say it destroys dark axe. Lmao you did not just use apostates/troll braces to say sword is better. Go axe build those drops are one ...

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