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Re: Time to clear the air I guess?

im still very cautious of the situation,
but im left to believe cazz, ive known him for my whole gaming time, and his not a man of hatred, he speaks the truth, and blondie disses me behind my back so she kinda is a backstabbing little peice of **** aswell

Re: Time to clear the air I guess?

Hmm Starting to think about if fromen can be correct in what he says. We dont know if it was a shamble for gold, we beleive Cazz because he is a well trusted player. Fro you are right in that he could have lied, BUT that would technically be a scam aswell, we are sure that this was a scam, because a...

Re: Time to clear the air I guess?

The Blondie incedent was all BLONDIE's fault, Im not 100% sure Unbreakable's tolerance towards scamming Clan-Members, but in Prime its not tolerated, it is taken as a serious matter, its not very friendly like. Im the same, selling accounts is wrong and should not be done, i know many players who ar...

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