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Re: Glorious of Gwydion

LeGenDzZ wrote:Welcome back and best wishes on your account retrieval, but are you sure it's not a brother perhaps? ;)

Nope, not at all. There is no way I would let them use my account or anyone in this matter.
I am stunned to see you still play CH Legends.

Re: Glorious of Gwydion

Haven't seen it around, sounds like a support issue though rather than something for you to fix yourself. If you know enough details about the account they should be able to get it back for you. Thanks! I’m just making sure that nothing out of my control is happening. I have sent a support email to...

Glorious of Gwydion

Hello Gwydioneers, I’m Glorious of Gwydion. Kind of an old one on here I would say. Although I haven’t been on for like EVER!!! I was wondering if anyone has seen Glorious roaming around at all. I so happened to have lost acces to my account and I am trying to get to the bottom of it. I tried resett...

Re: transfer

shaungee wrote:i believe in being more rich then you yes. and have more rare items yes. i love everyones sarcasticness, but you're all douscheees

Who is this, shaungee? Sounds like a shawling munk name to me.

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