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Server issues

I’d like to address the few times epona has suffered from severe lag, causing players to freeze for like 30 secs-1 min, doesn’t seem like long without context but both times that we have experienced this was during bt when we needed to kill a root, making it go to t3 and the second root already spaw...

Re: Relent of Gwyd downs dino

Grats. Shame this boss is still only dropping 3 items. I can't believe how brain dead VR are. For a boss that hard to only drop 3 items is a joke tbh, bt drops 5 including a guaranteed imp, and gele is 4? Guaranteed pure, should be atleast 4 with a guaranteed royal or something, I get that’s the wh...

Re: Dhiothu Downed on Danu!

Schwing wrote:Congratulations!

Do you think by reading that it’s taken a server over 2 hours to kill one raid boss that the difficulty you’ve place the boss at while it needs better gear and such is a bit high at this current time? Congrats danu on your achievement

Re: Can VR explain this?

Are VR seriously not going to answer as to why one of their servers went down for multiple hours? Why does this company decide to just ignore things going on with their player base as opposed to just talking to us and giving us the answers we want. This games seriously going to unfathomable and you’...

Re: Changing Names

People have had their names changed by otm before, some were inappropriate which is understandable, though I’ve seen named changed to remove numbers, and others to completely change the name of the character. I have no idea why they were allowed to do so though my request, though possible and would’...

Re: lures and elemental gear

It does not "increase" the damage. It reduces enemies resistance(can never go below 0), which would cause them to resist less of the damage, making it hit more on average. It is important that I explain it like this so no one gets confused and thinks they can do over 100% damage. It works...

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