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Hey guys, ive been thinkin about this for a while now, and now its time to put it into action... I've been getting more and more bored with the game, and was hoping the update would get me excited again, but it just didnt. I've also been dealing with some rough stuff in real life, and just need to r...

Re: New Skills

night u solo? cuz u didnt say max bolas lol and rapid is useless without points too i have sharp/light heal/bolas/rapid maxed gonna change and be more dex Yeah I have max bolas too. I was just counting dmg skills. sharpshot, longshot, barbshot maxed bolas maxed lightheal gets leftover points (curre...

Glitch with new ranger ring

Hi there... So I think i found a glitch with my "greater ring of longshot". I have two of these rings, which should supposedly be equippable together. But when I try to equip my second ring, i get the following message: "Greater Ring of Longshot cannot be equipped at the same time as ...

Re: Current State of Rangers

UziTheLearned wrote:
Alyssandra wrote:and rangers have a free camo charm as a skill as well.

Bullcrap. that "free" camo charm has to be maxed if you want it to work on high level enemies, meaning you end up pouring a crapload of points into it. theres nothing "free" about that.

Re: New Skills

I have 900 energy, and 35 energy regen from items. and yeah, it does drain it pretty fast, but the cooldown is long enough that it fills up again.

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