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Free Fashion Tokens

I have ended up with a lot more fashion tokens than I can ever use.

All colors, other than white and black (and shiney)...

I offer... free to anyone who sends me (RhobDruid)... an OTM email requesting color.

Thx for your time.

RhobDruid of Epona .

Re: Current State of Epona

Interesting thread... I have yet to witness an issue at a roll off on Epona. I like how things are working. I have been on world's with dominate clans. On purpose, never joined Seed on Crom, so the outside view. Very stressed out players for outside of Seed, totally frustration in some cases. Frustr...

Re: Bassie's solo druid build

The Yule 2014 do not have the circling animation.

They do have a ranged attack, but very slight damage when on a 215+ of course.
They also have a special attack, also.

My main damage, roots, bees, lightning, and storm touch.


Re: Bassie's solo druid build

Solo equipment :: Full EDL armor Level 6 Giant Golden Hare Ascendant Arctic Wings Hawk Level 190 Triple Set Of necklace wrist ring all Hawk for more focus adding 320 focus As well as 100 stat points each, nice gear set, imo. Shinestone ring of poacher, again for more focus (100) Mighty Orphie Band, ...

Re: Bassie's solo druid build

I took a different approach to designing a combat medic, (fighting druid) (what a crappo forum, can't even upload a screen shot, a reminder of why I spend so little time here) ... Level 217 RhobDruid on Epona... Str :: 5/105 Dex :: 5/205 Foc :: 1090/2110 Vit :: 10/360 Health 6150 sigils 4300 Energy ...

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