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Re: A Bit About Lugh

I have asked that the sticky be taken down. I do not believe that the information in it is up to date any longer. If someone else wants to make an updated post, they are welcome to do it. I cannot take any sides in the disagreements that seem to be going on, as I have not been active in a while, and...

Re: bummer

Ak, I am very sorry to hear you are done. I remember some fun times. I am also a bit surprised at what seems to have been happening recently on Lugh. I have not been in game much, so I cannot be sure that I have everything straight. Anyway, it is not likely that I will have time to play in the next ...

Re: A Bit About Lugh

Well, this is supposed to be an informative and positive post. I can update it once things settle down a bit, but please do not argue in the stickie.

Re: Tzunami

I am not very active at the moment, but it would seem to me that a probationary period would be appropriate. I would say +1 to allowing Tzu back at bosses, but if he "backslides", if his behavior regresses, he would go back to the way he was before.

Updating my "A Bit About Lugh" Post

I am not likely to be active in game anytime soon, but if you any of you guys would make a post that sums up decisions that are made I will quote it in the sticky. That way the information can be kept current. For example, if a consensus is reached about a decision to sell dl or something like that ...

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