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Bards Lute Value

Hey, Im just wondering what is bards lute value on your server and what would you pay for it/ what do you think its worth. I Have heard that they are worth alot, with minstrels around 100k and bards lute 200k plus.. and seeing as bards is no longer obtainable, maybe it might be worth round 300k.. Th...

Cannot create a new account

why cant i create a new account? when i try to create a new account i get to the server selection screen but when i choose server it says that my account was disabled. I try to create a new account im not trying to login to an existing account.. how can an account that I am trying to create be disab...

Selling 250k weapon

I have a golden ice blade atm but i can trade it for fire blade, ice trident or maybe golden venom.. so if you want any of these ill sell one of it for 220k
PM me if interested

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