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Re: Game laggy

So we went from a inconvenient situation with the menu closing to a unplayable condition with the flicker. I don't know about everyone else but I would rather have my menu close then what's happening now.

Re: Wiz

ThyraUnited wrote:
Stretch wrote:I been lurking in castle past few days haven't seen anyone tho

Lurking huh? Creeper hehe :lol: ;p

Yea I don't know where to level or go I haven't played since the mordy pit

Re: Wiz

I been lurking in castle past few days haven't seen anyone tho

Re: Wiz

I was thinking about playing again when I found out platforms merged by I don't remember any I my old accounts info

Re: Thoughts.

A few of us were using same build u3. Ras es some damage jewlery and spells of ur choice. Although instead of spear id suggest using h2h. It has skill ability u can max. Soo in long run you will miss a lot less. Was a decent build but u have better options this update. Id go full caster gear with a ...

Re: Druid Vs mage

My main is a 190+ druid i also have a 187 mage while mage nukes are boss,it doesn't matter what u pick will be most expensive classes to lvl and to be efficiant. But of the two i will always love my druid more. Awsome damge and can heal damage taken. Most of the people who say druids are hard to lvl...

Re: sks

How much do the various lix go for on this server?

Re: druid advice

Not to come off as a jerk bc it is really good to have this type of stuff on rosmerta forum. Shouldn't it be in the druid forum instead of rosmerta selfishly hogging your vast druid knowlege it can be shared with people on all servers. People from other servers may have great advice as well to add ...

Re: Help with lvl 175-180 Build....

I max all the dps skills and roots. With full dl and aggy bracelets i have almost 1000 touch without points in it. Use storm when root breaks re root run away. Rinse wash and repeat.

Edit: stats are 200-300 vit incase roots misses so i can take a beating between cool down. Rest in focus.

Re: Should I?

Each class its strengths and weakness. Druids have a fair share of problems too. Everyone is hell bent on soloing so as a druid u will need a ton of rebirths and alt books. Id suggest a ranger if u plan on going endgame.

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