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Re: 18 Mins Dino Kill

Z4beemer wrote:Epona has killed dino before 15 minutes but still 18 minutes is alright

I know a lot of the endgame guys on Epona and no one claimed this? In fact, unless I’m mistaken the only pre rage kill on Epona was when you could push the boss back to avoid the orbs.

Re: What would you do?

Yeah... all that hard work seemed to really pay off lol. Now your server is in deep s**t as a result of you guys continuing with the fight for dominance. This is where competition/dominance leads servers and it creates nothing but a toxic environment no matter what you do. Yeah it’s your fault as w...

Re: What would you do?

I feel like “we did this because they did this” can go on forever. It’s more important to resolve the situation amicably. You can try and blame the opposition as much as you’d like, however if one side is just offering plainly to end the griefing then that’s for the best. I Agree with Bitey on the w...

Re: What would you do?

I personally enjoy my current server, which is not an open server system. I'm sure there are enough people that also don't want to play in an Epona based system. Totally agree with this, I especially like rivalry and competition between clans on the game. Being rewarded for effort is good too. Peop...

An invitation

Over in Toxic, we've been discussing for a few weeks that perhaps there's people on the server that don't want to be in clan Toxic, however want to participate on raids and have the opportunity to earn loot from this. As I'm sure many are aware, the majority of the drops that we acquire are rolled f...

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