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Re: Is it possible to become a mix of a tank and a dps worrier?

I'll tell u the hard truth, its the worst decision u can make. Tbh I think you’re being a little harsh... the reality is that what you’re talking about is only relevant if you think he’s asking can he be THE BEST tank and THE BEST DPS, which isn’t something you can achieve with a hybrid build, alth...

Re: Defense Drop Off?

Defence and attack don't really plateau though They do. I suggest you look through this users’ posts. Swan reverse engineered most of the formulas in this game. https://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=6295 Have fun looking through the data, it should have all the a...

Re: Defense Drop Off?

My guess is was once you have 10k unlixed, similar to attack, is when it starts to become redundant in stacking on defense. Any information from people that have actually tested this would be appreciated. I would test it myself but I don't have a bunch of high stacking defense gear. All of the stat...

Re: Might come back

Kubota13 wrote:I will prolly start from scratch. My brother and I used to be be in Ret and SulisLegends if I remember correctly long time ago. How many of you r left from that time?

Quite a few actually.

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