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Re: Rangers-rare

Towards the end of v4, belenus had a surge in rangers. Not mains, but people who have endgame warriors and rogues made rangers (including myself) and really enjoyed the change. I love my ranger, knowing that it will never be the "best" at dps or at survivability but I think it's pretty fan...

Re: Nice update

Yes, yes. A good build is, no excuses, mandatory for smooth gameplay.

I, for one, am glad the tower is heavily group-based. Let's be honest here. How many people got to level 170 without a clan of a group of friends? Probably little-to-none.

Re: 01/19/15 iOS Server Restart

Thanks for deleting my post. I hope you guys took the content into consideration though because if you really want to make your customers happy you would listen to them and communicate with them effectively. If all that i mentioned is in the new build then by all means let us know, because our lack ...

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