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Corrupted Garden Mob Drops

With all the farming everyone has been doing to complete quests and gain the favor of their faction, has anyone gotten any weird or unique drops? I think the best I can say I have gotten right now is a mighty fractured pummel ring off a mob, but that's about it. Anything equally cool and different, ...

Re: Cruel Knife

I especially liked the cruel knife because it was essentially a haste elixir itself. This allowed me to train up my critical strike ability pretty quick on the obelisk

Re: Cruel Knife

I still have a cruel knife, but like what others have said, I don't believe they actually still drop anymore. I've farmed catacolms a fair bit, and havent seen any cruel knives in a long time

Re: Deadliest Catch!

I think some of the deadliest catches i've seen is from a player on my world. He is level 55 fishing, has a +20 fishing power ring and 3 +15 rings, and he has full fishing fashion. He found all these rings and he fishes all the time

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