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Re: Sharp shot

LostGirl wrote: But with ranger skills being terrible i now hae 35 unassigned points.

This is, IMO, best answer to question.

Re: **** this game

I just want people to stop scamming me... I'm just a 12 yr oold boy and people take advantage of it....,I lost my hard earned character to a greedy person named *Name Removed* Then you shouldn't even be playing this game. As a material inducement to COMPANY entering into this EULA with you, you rep...

Re: To dual box or not to?

JustBattle wrote:
Spitfire wrote:I warn everyone. It takes a lot of the fun out of playing.

Anyone else agrees? I'm looking for fun in this game and not really productivity XP

Even if 1000 people agreed with Spitfire, that won't mean You won't like it...

Just try it and find out for Yourself.

Re: To dual box or not to?

its LOADS of fun! 1. You can "solo" bosses 2. You always have a leveling buddy 3. If you need an extra hand in an arguement, voila 4. Scam-proof transfers (my favorite) 5. Support for bosses Duo-Boxing with Rogue and Druid... Heaven on iPhone Don't forget, you also get more XP, combined (...

Re: Reason for target lock..

It sounds to me like the developers did a great job trying to balance it out. I can't wait to try it. Everyone acts like it could be the end of the world. There are a lot of lower level abused players that kinda hope you quit over it. The serious players will take what the game gives them and make ...

Re: Skill rings

Xilo wrote:That sucks :/ my whole theory bolas rings are for bolas to not be so costly is irrelevant to energy cost :(

heh, sorry to burst your bubble

*cross fingers that this will be fixed with U4.

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