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Re: Hello

**Medalofhonor** wrote:Correction: Most Wanted

On people's hitlists

Re: Curry30423

K camo curry You never showed. 10pm i was waiting. You dont have a 177. Unless you wanna show it today. 90k says i win But he was there. He's a ninja! He can enter and leave rooms without anyone noticing, hijack any conversation and even trash talk without anything to back it up. And you know why? ...

Re: Curry30423

I didn't get any Messages ._.
And alb, good luck killing someone who's never online. MUAHAHAHAHA

Re: Curry30423

Might I just add that alien is hilarious? I don't know what your deal with Ko is, but you're constantly bragging about how you're better than him. Who are you again? You forgot to mention your name, or are you too scared to? I could easily say I'd beat you up in le arena, but we all know that's not ...

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