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Re: Changing world

Changing world im tradin my lvl 125 warrior if interested message me I will give you a level 1........... Try razorknight/pages/villerix/whatever he calls himself nowadays, he loves trading accounts and scamming all your old friends. BTW, I hope they ban your arse just for suggesting a trade of acc...

Re: Im back!

Ailwen wrote:
Pages wrote:i accept all bashing so please dont delete!

Your father never loved you.

not true.........,.,. :twisted:

Re: Cookies

rouge1235 wrote:tyfc!! *gobbles down the cookie*
*throws down coffee cup; coffee cup breaks*

kik me!!! i keep texting u....

Im back!

haha always been here! but wanna hear what ppl got to say to me now :D

i accept all bashing so please dont delete!

Re: Scammer

Lmao no its *name removed*... Who dafuq is terran
And vold dont delete my post.:: he a scammer also.:

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