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Danu Economy

What are the prices for commonly sold items in Danu right now?
(Plat items, discs, fashion,etc)

Re: Silence for Leelah Alcorn

You know what's sad this post was about a human being who committed suicide for not feeling acceptance and love from others. Now it's a debate on sexual preference, whether you accept it or not. How about loss of life or am I wrong? The loss of life is unfortunate in the least, but the way it was t...

Re: Silence for Leelah Alcorn

Think of the damage done to the truck You, sir, are the perfect example of an arrogant douch. What if this person was your mother, what if it was your father? Your siblings? Suicide is not something to be joked about. I would continue on my rant but I need to go. You get my point. That's cute There...

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