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Re: Proc Chance?

U guys are all wrong. Yes u r right about the part that proc comes from successful autos only. BUT.... 5% proc does not mean that if u do 100 successful autos u will for sure get 5 procs. 5% proc means that every successful auto has 5% chance to trigger proc. That is a very different thing. We were...

Re: Proc Chance?

Basically, is proc chance based on every individual auto whether it lands or not, or only on the succesful autos when attacking a mob? If it's only on the succesful autos then wouldn't it be affected by attack

Ranger Build 130+

WARNING SOMEWHAT LONG XD Well i haven't contributed to much to the ranger community so i wanted to post my build, to me its almost perfect Level: 136 Health: 1413 Energy: 682 Attack: 2380 Defence: 1030 Damage: 914 Armoir: 446 Weight: 52 Stats Strength: 225 Dex: 515 (Need Rebirth Move 15 into Streng...

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