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Re: Thoughts on Warhammer: Odyssey?

If this game does end up meaning an end for ch development-wise, will a new area be created that lets us grind to 250 (for skills) and will crom be the true final boss? If vr doesnt want to pour money into ch to make that happen i have a cheap solution. Make the new area lirs reach and the castle bu...

New boss

First, has anyone killed it yet? If so what was your strategy? Second, is it permanent? The drops having tiers that are upgradable makes me think it is and not just here for ostara. Third, anyone selling idols? The thing hits too damn hard.

Re: Global Castle feedback

Global castle will only work if the castle is split up (new zone) into a gathering area and a functional area. The gathering area would be just that, a global area for ppl to gather and duel. It can even have an auction house but one that only consumables can be bought or sold in (may help the plat ...

Re: Direct dmg to sharpshot

It's just damage fluctuation. That's why it doesn't stay consistent despite hitting a mob with 0 resistance. Fluctuations range between 60 and 100% of maximum damage. Thank you. And vr thanks you because i would have bugged the **** out of them with support tickets asking them to make sure my toon ...

Direct dmg to sharpshot

Ok ive been playing around a bit with my ranger. I have full dg, a godly gele sharpshot ring and an imperial sureshot charm. That means i should have an added 3013 dmg to every sharpshot, but i dont. Ik resistances will lower that and all but on everything from a castle dog to bt it doesnt seem to a...

Re: Bloodthorn Falls on Rhiannon

Downed it again yesterday, 14:32 kill i believe. Hard to think it took us so long, i just hope we can keep getting the numbers or that we will be able to do with less ppl soon. Rhia is a very split server, three top tier clans fighting each other with two recently joining up to against innercircle. ...

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