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Motorola Keyboards

I'm having trouble with the keyboard not working for my phone unless k turn native keyboard off. But its so glitchy, it takes me about a minute to say 3-5 words. Any status on this bug? This game is so limited without chat. (I can type a clan name in and send mail, but can't use clan, group, or shou...

Re: New game??

What about a more futuristic ground combat like the movie Avatar. The Avatar video game has different types of armor that you get throughout the game. And same if you play as a naive. And then you can get specual weapon types. Not the boring lead bullets. But lasers and rockets... srry. I have an im...

New game??

I love celtic heroes. One of the best games ever. Some of the best graphics for a moble mmorpg. But the celtic/viking time period theme is getting a bit boring. Make something with a more modern theme. Like WWII theme. For classes, Druid is medic, mage is radio op, rogue is close range/hand to hand,...

Re: The Clan Germans

Me and Germans r allies. My clan is not bad. We just get bored. We r Not enemy to anyone. Except we do have a few problems with valhalla. CHAOS all the way.

Re: Valhalla is asking for it

This may sound off the wall but they keep attacking my clan. For no apparent reason. EVEN THE NOOBS DO!!! Ive asked them why and all I get is "shut up jerk" wtf did I do? They also say the are after SI too. Thats why I mentioned.

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