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Re: List of necessary warrior changes

Correction on giant swing: Changing it's cooldown will not make it viable, it'll still be utterly useless. Lowering it's cast time is whats needed because otherwise its not worth casting, as u outdps it with plain melees and even worse if u use edl sword. It's cooldown is very long nonetheless but n...

Re: Nuada Downs Gelebron!

Grats on the kill! Time to complain again, so apologies behorehand: drop rates of crap drops need to be lowered or they need to be removed completely. No one is waiting on light heal and giant swing rings and im probably missing a few other useless items. They should just buff giant swing tbh :) So...

Dps warriors group - Line

So Ive got a lot of PMs on forums and added many players from forums on Line. These players as well as players from my clan have been asking why isnt there a line group for dps warriors like there is for mages and such (of all worlds), and I figured that unless there is one, someone gotta take the l...

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