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Re: Servers going down in just under 30 be ready

Most games don’t have maintanences as scheduled “events” the boss spawns are a bonus so why should they cater around something that’s just comes with the game How would you feel if they made it so on random maintaneneces like this no bosses spawned. People actin like this stuff is an event just bec...

Re: Are there any mages out there that don’t use a Rabbit/Hare

Dragons beat everything but if not then ofc the usual hare/falcon, the evasion debuff is quite nice for raids (especially if theres no rogue with strong expose it can boost his effect a bit). If u want hardcore dps u can go for spider too for the skill only, but I doubt u will benefit much from it a...

Re: Cg Offhands

No buffs but a small visual change to their offhands so players can indicate which spite is on the boss without having to memorize the name of the skill. I agree. Prowess and Finesse offhands should have way different Icons when the skill is in effect. +1 all t10 need buffing though, @crim not my f...

Re: Cg Offhands

Corrupt wrote:
Warsong wrote:What do you guys think is the best offhand at t10 for dps(all classes)?

Now what’s the best Support t10 offhand?

Rank them!

Wooden spoon
Crafted Shortbow
Fianna's Necklace
Ceremonial Dagger
Training Buckler
Beginner's Fishing Rod

Fixed for u.

Re: Next Boss

Just adding my own idea to the mix: Crom World Boss where it isn't locked to one party but grants rewards based on participation/damage? That would mean that more people could participate and force clans to work together! Sounds like Pokémon Go :lol: I hate this idea tbh. I joined a clan mainly to ...

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