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Re: Son plays for Free...advices

All classes can be played in a manner of conserving gold, but if u play together than as a duo it becomes much much easier when two classes can cover each other. A combo I really like is druid-mage, with the druid's support the mage can go wild and if the mage uses Sacrifice (a tome that drops in Ot...

Re: New item drop locations

Its hard not knowing what drops items, and with it including raid adds then the possibilities are endless while the mobs are extremely powerful. I really suspect the eye of crom, but not only killing it is a b**** it also respawns like every 4 hours.

Re: New item drop locations

Its the two 5* root mobs North and South of bloodthorn. Well that sucks not gonna lie. I thought “special” and “rare” mobs will spawn when we kill the normal ones and those special ones are supposed to drop the new gear. Well rip, there goes another cool bew feature wasted (assuming it does drop fr...

Re: Beta Spectral Mount

To be fair, people have been asking for gold sinks for the past few years. I think this is a good way for people with boatloads of money to get something special, that most other players probably will never get. Is it super overpriced, and has unimpressive stats? Absolutely. Does that make it bad? ...

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