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Re: EKG is Back

Well, I was just saying Hi. Haha I didn't realize my return to the game brought so much baggage! What I'm hearing on this forum thread versus what I'm seeing in the game is different. Many, and I mean many, Resurgants?? (Can I call you that?) have been very nice to me since my return. I don't see KS...

EKG is Back

Hey Guys, I took a few months break to concentrate on the mission. We were successful and it was quite amazing to watch our missile get obliterated! I'm sad to see Bada broken apart. What troubles me is that I don't recognize Bada anymore. I don't want to turn my back on anyone, but all I see are fo...

Re: Sick of your class?

My first and main for a long time was a Warrior. I got a taste of being a Mage after tooling around with all the classes. Once I got them up to at least 150 pre-update, I picked the Mage to stick with. I think everyone should play all 5 classes deep into the levels. Only then will you find the class...

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