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Re: White Mask of Lugh

I have a white lugh mask on danu and i wouldn't sell it for any less than 3m

Also on a side note I have one of the few white covens on danu and if someone offered me 20m I would turn it down. Honestly why sell any of my rare hats when they keep appreciating in value as time goes on

Re: Lute band

In game screenshot and the files too big. That's strange sorry. It was a pic of about 12 people all lined up playing the lute

Re: Look what we did.

Hahaha im not mad at all about not being in prime. Honestly im so happy im not in prime anymore. Prime is a clan to gear all the generals and to have the clansmen pay for it. First off woox, we don't gear generals and guardians first, we gear those who deserve the upgrades. Second, you and O never ...

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