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Server has become gross

We all know this by now buit tonight was the last draw. We were all at necro and I won the ranger brace and was ignored like I wasn't there. The fact that one clan does that is gross. We all play this game for fun and spend our TIME we should respect that. Just gonna say I stayed up to do this boss ...

Account Gone!! - need help

Hi all, If anyone can help me please let me know. My account was LostGirl in Lugh i was a very high ranger. Havent played in a few months and i went in this weekend to try to log in and i had to update the game. Now i cannot get in. I looked at the leaderboards and my data is all gone off all stats....

Re: LostGirl here, can't log in

hey thanks! emailed support and waiting. looks like my LostGirl account was deleted somehow. I do not see it on any of the leaderboards leading me to think it was deleted. I didnt delete it but wondering if when i updated the game something happened. Hope i get it back bc that would suck! all the ti...

LostGirl here, can't log in

Hey all For all who remeber me. Ranger lostgirl part of ancients. Wanted to say hi and see how everyone is doing. Haven't been able to log in due to real world stuff. But now tried to log in and I can't get in the game :(. Looks like email isn't being found and password isn't working. Hope you all a...

Re: Mordy 6

Yeah not sure I will be able to make it either. If we did like an hour later that would be ideal but I know it's late for uk people :(

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