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Why are you not offering refunds on sigils any more? I'm 100% sure that I seen you write on forums that if we wanted a refund to send a support ticket? I sent one about a week ago and they said they won't?.. Why?

I want 150 energy refunding on player 'Ghandi' world Rhiannon. Disapointed.

Re: Unsatisfactory Experience

You can do nothing. I asked them to move my sygils from my ranger to my warrior who are on the same account, as they have done for many players and my friend before, but they refuse to do so and even lie saying it is imposssible to do so. OTM does what they want, when they want. If you are not happ...

Re: Message to all of RaptureEve

On the forums, I believe that everyone should have freedom of speech. However, if issues can not be dealt with without it turning into a flame war with insults and hostile comments being flown around, then the topic will simply be locked and the offending users warned. I didn't mean to flame or ins...

Re: Message to all of RaptureEve

Wow Ghandi I sure hope you do not speak for all of Eve. Im not speaking for eve nor am i defending them in any way as voldemort says its the forums you should have the freedom of speech as long it its does not brake the forum rules. I am voicing in my opinion on what I have read over the last sever...

Re: Message to all of RaptureEve

Your posts are contradicting yourself... In all honestly guaranteed 90% of rhiannon forums users dont care or listen to what you say you have slated that many people on the forums we dot give 2 craps about what you say now... Go troll and cry else where.. I'd greatly ks you in game if i seen you or ...

Re: 11 celtic heroes Masters

In no particular order. These players have shown a mastery of the game and have been able to express their understanding with others and improve the game for others and have the championship rings to prove it. These players have each done what no one else ever has in this game. Voldemort Aileron Pi...

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