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Re: Server reset for Double platinum but will there be any fixes as well please.

Hi Difin. We chatted ingame I have tried every trick in the book on my iPhone 6 but to no avail. Including the ones you suggested I have been waiting to buy double platinum but can’t log in. Do you think the crash issues will be fixed by then. Because I think that should be your number 1 priority. ...

Re: Thanks otm

In the mail you write "Team VR" but in this Forum topic, you write "Thanks OTM" (OTM doesn't exist anymore) ... details matter if you want to make a joke. Good luck next time!

Re: CG Boss Tampering

Why are you quoting me stuff? Your clan got my locker banned....you try to act so innocent but you guys are doing what you do best. And that’s cheat and find different ways to try to come out on top. My locker will be back in 2 weeks for more dl :) Dear ZeroMagicGaming, I have not sent in a persona...

Re: CG Boss Tampering

@OTM, where can I send some ss of our comp clan saying real life threatening things to me? They wanna ban us for no reason. I have some ss also. Dear ZeroMagicGaming, Threatening things should also go to VR support right away. I have had to deal with those kinds of things too, jokes about sexual or...

Re: CG Boss Tampering

Anything that the game mechanics allow a player to do is not a violation of the tos except for scamming. Just like some people send ticket to otm complaining of harassment, tampering and grieving when they are killed in arena while trying to do the gladiator quest. When it happens, it is a case of ...

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