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Re: Oldtimers

Codelle wrote:Come back and say hi Benrook, you may see many old friendly faces. :)

“Just sayin” Some old faces are pretty grumpy lookin n whatnot. Hehe

Re: Maelstrom Clan

Mael is an amazing clan :) Been here since about level 30 and they've always been nice and helpful, I would not have gotten to where I am without them. We're a bit of a smaller clan but we make up for it with great people :) If you want to get gear fast we may not be for you but if you're willing t...

Re: Back the boat up

This Bob guy is a guide? Legitimately? Hmmm, sounds like you might be trolling in your new boat.... Had nothing to do with trolling. I am trying to figure out by the color codes who is who. Why? You don’t like my boat? Stop paddling I prefer a shrimp’n boat myself. Anyways, as I was sayin shrimp is...

Re: Resurgences Fall

I saw drama one time... There I was spending quality time with Aggy reminiscing about how wonderful CH used to be. We drank tea, laughed and took selfies n such. Then all of a sudden hordes of toons showed up and murdered aggy! I started to feel all teary eyed n whatnot, but I knew grown men don’t c...

Re: Resurgences Fall

When you dont realize Braves chief is Res Clansman and many of braves toons are also Res alts... smh i wonder if the person who started this thread even plays here :lol: Braves is feeder for Res so if Res falls and Braves rises to the top... did Res actually fall or did the person who started this ...

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