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I miss Epona and ios worlds back before ipods a5chip and substandard RAM became too outdated to run CH. I'm seriously considering forking out 400~ on a new iPod touch 6 but it's like a months' worth of pay.. I'm finding working on a new char from scratch on Android is lame and the world is small and...

Re: I miss you!!

Dutchman wrote:Yeah, come back soon. You are missed.

On the other side, you will have time for school now. And the update won't be here before may so you won't miss a thing.

Waaaaaait I thought the update was coming early March??? Did they re-announce it?

Re: Missing good players

I miss all players but I have been busy and am actually currently on a bus to the other side of my country lol for me and Nick (ohheyitsme) to move into our new house. So I've not really been on properly in months. Need to get back into it. But for now I'm sorry I will still be fairly busy settling ...

Re: Hello Epona!!

Lmao we don't have a level requirement silly :p everyone (with a few exceptions lol) gets a chance but have to act respectable and reflect the clan well and annoying members get the boot, naturally. It is a friendly and helpful clan, nice to be in

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