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Re: Where are all the elixirs?

They need to seriously adjust chests, remove all fashion and put anything new in token vendor so we actually have a use for them tokens. Just remove all old aeon stuff or put it in separate aeon chest for those with the sole intention of finishing sets. And bring back the times when lixes where rife...

Re: Class decision

In my personal experience warrior is by far the easiest class to play and build around, I have one with virtually no abilities on it still easier to lix than ranger rogue Mage or druid due to thier versatility. The warriors are high armour and can deal decent damage. The downside for people playing ...

Freeze danu ah

Someone's selling duplicated items in our ah I asked them to take it out, I have also sent a ticket. From prior knowlEdged I know whoever buys the drop ends up with same ban as the idiot duplicating so freeze it before the sale ends cos some poor sod will buy it and end up getting banned.

Re: Chests

I opened 300'chests I got 150+ hastes and 80 combos this is better than the usual crap where I get about 10 haste and 5 combo. I agree with the tokens however if your not gonna fill the shops up fast enough don't have tokens in chests cos all we get is a stockpile of dusty tokens.

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