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Re: Moving server

Hey :D Here’s a little bit of information on a few servers, they can give you more in-depth info but here’s a bit of a summary. All these servers have a lot of friendly people Sulis - Dom clan is Toxic, underdog clan jah + o. No lock battles on bosses above prot currently. - Gearing system for raid...

Re: Server reset in progress?

I just got home from work, checking the game but I get the message cannot connect to server. Just like during a server reset but I see no announcement on forums or anything. If anyone knows what's going on and could tell me I'd really appreciate it. i got the same... i think it was down for like 3 ...

Re: If you had 11Mill....

Noet wrote:I'd buy another pure
11 mil might seems like like alot, but average player could earn it in couple weeks playing like 3 hrs a day. On Taranis imp bt items trade for 10-25 mln

how do ppl make that kind of money? i cant even make 100k lol

Re: Idea for the Auction House

I've been brainstorming with my clan about making the auction house more interactive. We all agree that it would be beneficial to allow people to leave feedback and/or messages on the items that are being sold. For example, if I wanted to sell an item, and someone wants to buy it, but it is priced ...

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