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Is there a discord where I can chat and ask questions more feasible than using my phones browser lol cause this gets a bit tedious

Re: Introduction

Thank you all for the friendly welcomes! I am running through the beginner quests. I am a mage in Arawn, just finished what I needed at CrookBack Hallow. I would PM you, itemfinder, but I don’t rate just yet lol. My characters name is PsychoCowboy


Oorah, I’m PsychoCowboy97 (My username, I realized afterward, has an extra “s” so I gotta fix that lol if I can) I am new to this forum, trying to get back onto Celtic Heroes, so I am looking for an active group or something like that. I played in the past, I got level 70 or so with a Mage but stopp...

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