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Re: Regarding Necro

So basically it's ok to group people and let them Lix and fight and then exclude them from drops. Hmmm that seems legit to me. Sounds a lil greedy and a lil bit like someone is mad cause a certain someone wasn't banned. But ok we will see how it works out!!!!!

Re: Lugh Player Ban – Vote

Tell me this was provoked? Oh please tell me this was provoked... Ive been the one to say not now 8 can we just kill the boss, etc and got attacked in doing so saying i was conspiring with the person she was berating. She constantly does this, she has been silenced more than once, simply because OT...

Re: Lugh Player Ban – Vote

This is funny trying to ban 08 for the same stuff 3/4 of the people voting yes does. So big -1 for banning 08. Especially when I have been grouped with her and certain people start saying stuff towards her.

Re: Tzunami

Honestly, i've already stated it so far, but I will state it again. This vote is not a legitimate vote. It was not intended as one, as within the original post, it was not asked of people to vote for his unbanning, it was more of an informative statement declaring his change. This coupled with the ...

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