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Re: Is it worth it

I started after being away for years about 2-3 days ago and I should Hit lvl 130 today, and that’s with no platinum, no lux items or gear, I’ll probably be stuck around there for awhile seeing as the servers pretty popular and for what gear I have looked for I’ve received no responses, although I ha...

Re: Samhain is arriving!

Don’t think I’ve seen the new horse everyone is talking about, but I did notice my horse I got with mount tokens looks like the green horse things in other world where I’m leveling at now minus the horns and the green color it’s the exact same horse

Need help!

So I’m playing a ranger and am stuck at the mount shop options, which one is most beneficial at end game for me and same with pet what options will give me the most dps or benefit whatever future clan I’m in?

Re: Where do I start??

Hey everyone sorry for the late response!! Lots of overtime at work preparing for Christmas!! I wanna thank you all for the suggestions, hopefully get some time to really start playing!! I’ve decided to go play on Epona, things seem cheap enough and reasonable for what I need now so will be working ...

Where do I start??

Hey everyone, it’s been many years since I’ve played this game, was surprised I came across it again, believe it was sometime in 2011-2012. Anyways I’m excited to try it out again and have no clue where to begin. Have read a few of the posts and seen there’s not many updates, is it safe to invest ti...

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