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Re: July update delayed

Understandable that Vr prioritising warhammer over this game with limited development resources. Better bet on a new game to generate more income than rely on an old game which has been around for almost 10 years. So ch players need to moderate our expectations of new contents. Don’t expect too muc...

Re: July update

You guys need to chill, still one day and some hours left, it's not like the update is gonna make any big changes, all we're getting is a new pet with a knife (not that it does any auto attack), another load of aeon remade fash and a shortcut to carrow tunnels. Honestly no point in dragging Vr over...

Re: Need new chest

Hey there! What kind of fashion sets or novelty items from previous chests would you like to see in the next Mystery Chest? We've seen quite a few suggestion for Lanrik fashion set as well as previous birthday items from years past. Reply and let us know! Old charm shop charms so servers who never ...

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