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Re: How will the xfers be stopped by VR? or will it be allowed? (From CH to Warhammer)

You talk way too much and about very pointless topics. VR will do as they have always done with discovering players breaking ToS, and handing out the appropriate punishment. Now please STOP with the garbage in the General Discussion. No need to be an *** about it. If you dont like it, keep scrolling.

Re: Give us The RIGHT CONTENT.

I literally went back to an old game instead of ch for this reason. Still no new updates or actual content. Just more money grabbin techniques. Atleast in my old game theyre consistently adding updates and even extended/added to current update because of the virus because they care about their playe...

Re: Dhio dead by Arawn Resurgence

Good to see that its killed in arawn after the manipulation done by sabe and diesal. When am I getting my majestic blood, imperial quick strike brace, and imperial osan ammy back? The same day that not only do i get my godly osan ammy back, my blood rings, and my other qs brace back. Along with my ...

Re: VR, We Really Do Need Answers

Long story short. VR bought ch from otm to get that extra revenue to budget their new game WO and once released and going theyre going to throw out ch. Seen it before. Going to happen again. It would be stupid of VR to do so, so I doubt they’ll toss away this game. Celtic Heroes has been receiving ...

Re: Bloodthorn bash

Having to prepare for endgame content is pretty much a core part of the mmo genre and far from unusual. Most MMOs do not have gear from 6 years ago that is still needed and sought after by end game players. Most MMOs have more content for the core players that does not require 25 characters be pres...

Re: Account stuck

Please email Support@OneThumbMobile.com for assistance. Please include username, character name, and the server of your character in your email. He sent 5 different emails in the past 6 days, still no reply. Sending multiple emails is exactly what slows the process down. Tell your friend to be pati...

Hows this Server doing?

Heyo ive been bored lately waiting for support to reply in the last 2 months so figured ill swing in a different server for a bit if i feel like it. i have a toon here with a sweet og name but i made it back when balor was first released and didnt play it much. Figured id try to secure some og names...

Re: In memory of the players in 2011

DarKnight wrote:
PineapplePizza4U wrote:..Smellyunder..

ive come to the conclusion that, he is in fact immortal. Correct me if im wrong but I dont recall a single instance in which that man even took of the shortest of a hiatus.

Lots of time when youre retired from rl work. lol

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