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Re: new farmer

sorry for a month late reply, btw im currently lvl 83
now and was wondering is 2 str 2 dex 1 vit a good build for rogue? cause im in a clan and more focusing into damaging in group. so should i do 221 or 212? thankss

Re: new farmer

sweet ty for responding, and what about offhand? should i use axe or mace? idk whats the best for rogue

new farmer

just download the game and tried playingi in taranis, but i moved to nuada and having a lot of fun time here. i spent my time farming wheat to make money and rn i got 35k , just wondering what should i buy first, should i wait for luxury item? or should i get skill book first? im a rogue btw IGN:sol...

new player here

hi i just started playing CH yesterday and having a fun time playing it. English isnt my native languange so sorry if i misspelled something.

anw whats good server to play? im looking for server with friendly community, and maybe not too populated but have decent amount of player.

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