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Re: Games Similar to CH

Do you still believe them? When they say the update will be release in July but no update after 3 months. Same devs, same gameplay. I wouldnt call it Warhammer Odyssey, the best title is Celtic Heroes 2 or Warhammer Heroes. some will understand ;) https://i.postimg.cc/d38mh4FV/A555-F2-DB-61-B4-4548...

Re: Bring back arena event

I sense a pattern here, why ask the devs to bring back an event that basically makes the gameplay for 70% of the playerbase so frustrating, my guess is those asking for this event are from epona. Not everyone, just because "everyone" has the opportunity to get the item does not mean that ...

Re: Witch event opest

Please move the boss to lirs, so everyone can participate I don’t see how location of the boss will prevent you from participating. I think this boss is designed to be killed in global area.. which lirs isn’t and making lirs global will mess with the currently existing dragon boss at northern pen I...

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