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Re: Dead servers

I am burnt out and can confirm it ISN'T from Dhio, why are you trying to explain my own mental state? I think I know it. You don't. If anything Dhio is the only boss on the server I dont't get burnt out from because I can single log it. I was lead to believe that because your server seemed to go do...

Re: Dead servers

Nuada took a massive blow from the gold exploit incident where mass bans were given. It’s also clear Nuada, or at least Apex, wants to merge with Sulis, or at least with Toxic, most likely for off topic reasons. Sulis is not a dead server. https://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t...

Re: Dead servers

I assume servers know when they're dead. Chaotic is from Nuada, a server where rolls are done and market is free for all, therefore the explanation of the server dying due to dominance and lack of market are false and uninformative.

Re: Thoughts on Warhammer: Odyssey?

I think it looks interesting and could have potential. But... I think it’s already been done. As far as general concept, I mean... you got the characters that use some sort of spiritual power, the guys that use guns, and of course the people who use axes and bows and arrows. I’ve tried multiple gam...

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