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Re: Testing frenzy

Nice experiment :) Frenzy lasts 60 seconds, and weapon attack speed is measured in milliseconds, so for a 3100 attack speed weapon you would expect a maximum of 60 / 3.1 = 19 hits. That maximum would be if everything were perfectly timed, so 18 is about the best you would get.

Re: Update

They should sell CH to a soley dedicated team. It's clear they can't keep their promises to support CH. Unless they have a weird definition of support, theyre unappreciative of the fanbase they've created. Mismanaging it into the ground it's just plain sad. I hate to say it but I agree, OTM was so ...

Fishing Statistics

After a long week grinding Tarnished relics at Stonevale Lake, I recorded various statistics from the journey. Hopefully the community can gain some benefit from this report. If any photos here expire, pm me and I will reupload. 1. Rippling Waters Distribution I fished from 5687 Rippling/Wise Waters...

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