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Re: New clan - Apex

I request Official apology from the Higher members of Apex and all the clan itself as my words were unfair. I did not do this intentionally as i was not in knowledge of new required level for the recruitment of this wonderful clan.

Re: New clan - Apex

I apologize for inconvenience to everyone, I did not know or Apex officially announced on forums that level requirement for recruitment is lowered from 180 to 150.

I apologize again for some of my harsh words. But, The server is still unfair in some means of uses.

Re: New clan - Apex

Everything is unfair Apex says the level requirement is 180 to join yet they invite their friends who are below 180 like a guy at 159 is in Apex a guy at 157 is in Apex.. while we grind towards 180 the guys join by help of Friends instead of grinding like us... It is totally unfair to invite people ...

How to make gold

Hey guys im new to epona server and seen people make money with many ways.

Please guide me i Will be thankful if you teach me how to make gold scratch .. I am level 29 Warrior with 600 gold only please help me thanks.

Hi there

Hi I am Suraj from India . I played this game for 2 years back in 2016 Donn Server but I quit. Now I am back again in 2019 after quitting a famous game can’t name here sorry. I play for fun and competing with same level players for fun and decent progress. I’m currently playing in Nuada as Level 68 ...

Re: Please Restore my account

Hello, This forum section is for Players to help other players, and is not monitored by our Support Team. To restore a deleted character, you can submit a ticket in game on an alternate character on the same account or send an email to support@onethumbmobile.com. Thank you for understanding! Thank ...

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