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Re: Crazy rogue stats

And yes . When u have so much attack it barley matters. If u got more. Or not . Because ur already hitting like alot of the time. Then yes vit then or w.e (strength) either or. Is the goto. When u reach certain amounts of attacks that barley take effect. But do in tads

Re: Crazy rogue stats

Ya that's op lol. Uh but. Spamming pots. Like any other skill. Is better then hp gear or vit w no dps. DeX dps does not compare to strength is the real dps. One. But. Yes maybe for boss like bt dino. But the others. Is kind of no need for that heaps o.o but gj thats sick man. Must be fun:) gj. Respect

Re: Godly bt assass cd ring

So you all know I didnt put assass over other skills obviously. If you are a pro. And cast it when cloaks up on bt etc. ONLY when all ur faster skills r on cd. And it's a massive. Gain I dont use it anymore. Tho. Because. I'm swapping a tad bit lesser dps. But more efficient against *** ups . Enjoy....

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