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Re: Would you start a new clan or join a small clan to compete with endgame clans?

Ok, so having toons on different servers gives one an interesting view on this. I recently visited an old toon of mine on an older server. While Dom clans have their place and are essential to the health of the game when they have an overwhelming monopoly the server slowly dies. Yes they still kill ...

Thank you

Just wanted to say thank you to the team at VR. I know that must have been a painful few days for you.

Re: Double plat

Mikka I’m guessing all clans will lose some people so it will depend on the size of the clan as to whether they survive. Im hopeful that most will be ok though.

Re: Update

tbh Amp I’m just more annoyed that you seem to take no responsibility for the server being down. I know you weren’t the only person to take the gold but your attitude of selfishness helped take down a whole server not just for u but also for your clan, your friends and every other person who played ...

Re: Update

So what you’re saying Amp is, at worst you thought players who had nothing to do with the issue would lose an hours, a days or a weeks worth of effort? All so u could muck around with lux? Wow that makes me feel so much better :/

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